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22nd Masonic District Blue Lodge Association
Formerly known as the "Cuyahoga County Blue Lodge Association. The 22nd MDBLA represents all of the Symbolic Lodges located in Cuyahoga County. Every member of these Lodges is also a member of the CCBLA. Voting members are the Masters, Wardens and Deacons of the constituent Lodges, as well as the District Deputy Grand Masters, District Educational Officers, past Grand Masters and past Presidents who are members of the Association. The 22nd MDBLA works closely with the 22nd DBLA (West) [Lorain County Blue Lodge Association] to coordinate the Gran Master's Reception and other 22nd District activities.
Mission Statement
Purposes of the Association shall be to promote and arrange any and all matters pertaining to the welfare of the Blue Lodges in Cuyahoga County; to arrange and conduct district meetings for the the reception of Grand Lodge Officers on appropriate occasions; to receive such information from the Grand Lodge as District Deputy Grand Masters may deem necessary; to promote Good Will and Brotherly Relations among its members; and to do any and all things necessary to carry into effect the above aims and purposes.

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